Street Sisters

Street Sisters (also titled Someone Like Me) began as a photo essay that attempted to look into the lives of a group of transgender sex workers in the city of Klang, Malaysia.

Each and every one of these women found themselves in this line of work as a result of family rejection, social discrimination and abuse with regards to their gender identity.

The youngest of the group I worked with on this story is 18 years old, while the eldest of them is in her mid forties and has worked on this very street for over 20 years.

Transgender women in Malaysia from lower income backgrounds, in all age groups, popularly turn to sexwork from very early into transitioning as a means of making somewhat decent and fast money to begin the procedures of Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS).

While there are many varied reasons that lead them towards sex work, one of the main factors keeping transpersons -- both men and women--from seeking out work that is safe and of their preference is the inability to obtain new identification and legal documents in Malaysia following their sex change.

This body of work was first created in The Monsoon Masterclass under the guidance of documentary photographer James Whitlow Delano
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